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About Pronzini Christmas Tree Farms

Pronzini Christmas Tree Farms is a wholesaler and retailer of quality Christmas trees since 1963. The wholesale office and farms are located in the beautiful fertile Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon. In addition to our farms we also operate retail lots in Sonoma and Marin Counties in Northern California.

Over 50 years ago Jon Pronzini was farming hay in the Marin and Sonoma counties, and like every ambitious young man started looking for a winter project. He was up in the mountains on a fishing trip with his parents when he was inspired by the beautiful fir trees surrounding them. So began the Pronzini Christmas Tree Company who has been serving Marin and Sonoma for Over 50 years.

For many years Jon cut wild stand trees in the mountains of northern California, mostly silver tip and white fir. Over 40 years ago Jon made another trip this time to Oregon where he was inspired again when he discovered the beautiful Noble fir and the Douglas fir which were being grown in a farm environment exclusively for Christmas trees. In an agricultural environment the trees can be manipulated, fertilized, pruned and cared for as much as possible. Well this was very exciting for Jon as a whole new world of opportunity opened up for him to pursue his passion, growing Christmas trees. Jon relocated to Salem, Oregon and presently has Over 1 Million trees in production in various stages of growth in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

While Jon’s passion is farming, Carla Pronzini and sister Ruthe manage the retail end of the business, operating three retail lots in Marin and Sonoma County. We work very hard trying to keep up with technology and new products. We also try to have available for sale the most innovated and beautiful accessories, like decorated wreaths and centerpieces and garland and ornaments.

Many things have changed since 1963; from hand saws to chain saws, the equipment has changed and the technology has changed. The one thing that has never and will never change here at Pronzini’s is our commitment to the quality of our trees and the service to our customers.

We live and breathe Pronzini Farms - it's a privilege to draw on such spectacularly beautiful resources
Jon & Carla