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Habitat Project:

Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School (JGEMS)

The JGEMS Habitat Project is designed to help fish have places to hide and even makes excellent  habitats for all marine animals/plants in all sizes. The students group the trees in bundles of 5-10 trees. The bundles are placed in a stream, creek or river (anchored down). All placements are Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) approved. Patrick Irvin is the Project Coordinator. The project is currently active.
Students create fish habitats by placing Pronzini tree bundles in Pringle Creek at Fairview Community in South Salem.

Thank you Pronzini team for helping with this project. The kids worked hard to get all the wheels in motion for this project. From my understanding, it took about 4-months for the kids to get approval of the project. Thank you for the donation to enrich children's lives/minds and our community water ways!
Stacey Peacock Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School