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¬†California is know for its many cults and fringe religious groups. One reason for this may be the lack of a dominant protestant establishment, an economy based on get- rich -quick scams and the many failing business. A diverse population of people without local roots in a culturally void state..or even the obvious lure of California weather. some of the most notorious California cults include heaven’s Gate, the people’s temple of Jim Jones, and the wickedly infamous Manson Family.¬†

We investigated a mysterious location on our property that was observed by accident by a local Petaluma pilot while flying his private plane. The pilot, Mr. Jansen, noticed multiple unusual roof-tops dotted along a valley near adobe Road in Petaluma. He recalls hearing many years ago of a locale in that area that was forbidden to visit and folklore telling of a cult-community of people that practice the occult, mysterious rituals….even cannibalism. we’ve opened the village up to the public now so more people can learn of its folklore history. please beware when you enter the village.

Do to Covid 19 we will let you know if anything changes in regards to our regular hours and days of operation. We hope to still open on September 26th. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these tough times we are all in.