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All of our locations offer tree delivery service to most destinations in Marin County, California and San Francisco. We hire responsible knowledgeable employees who are skilled and capable to handle trees of any size and shape. Delivery includes installation on your own stand or install a stand sold at the tree lot and set tree in your home or business. The delivery fees vary depending on the area and customer’s needs. Call us for delivery details at the lot closest to you:
  • (707) 332-7979 San Rafael Lot
  • (707) 765-2238 Petaluma Lot
  • (415) 461-6115 Greenbrae Lot


We will gladly load your tree on your car or truck. We have twine and other supplies needed to ensure safe transport of your tree. This is a courtesy so always double check just to make sure your tree is secure before leaving the lot.


Flocking is a process in which we spray a white cellulose non-toxic material on your tree to simulate a tree after a snow storm. The flock can be applied to just the tops of the branches or complete coverage. The flock is also considered a fire retardant application. Any building with public access is required to spray their Christmas tree with an approved fire retardant spray applied by a license applicator. Also, by law a water stand must be installed. We have several licensed fire retardant applicators that many times can complete your order and deliver it on the same day. Please check with your local fire department for more information about these laws and ordinances.


Gift certificates are available for charity auctions, gifts, and promotions. Contact Ruthe at [email protected] for more information.
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